Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Recently Completed Projects

Pattern: For Yiayia's Boy by Hooked on Sunshine 
Yarn: Worsted Weight Cotton yarn 

Our friend, Cameron Broussard, created this amazing baby blanket. It would be a treasured heirloom piece worthy of a special one in your life! 

Pattern: Phoenix by Hooked on Sunshine
Yarn: Varanasi by Katia

Another crochet masterpiece by our friend Cameron, this blanket will keep you warm and put a smile on your face. Cameron used a beautiful multi-colored yarn, so there is no need for changing yarns in order to get the beautiful colors! 

From Ravely.com: "With each formation of stitches that make little hearts, leave kisses, bring butterflies or sprinkle flowers is a reminder that even when the sky is grey and life is full of yucky stuff, sometimes you have to kick off your shoes and dance in the rain."

Pattern: Kids Spirit Cardigan by Wendy Bernard
Yarn: Comfort by Berocco

Our Friend, Rae Albarado, knit this precious cardigan for her grandson and he LOVES it. She used duplicate stitch to add the letter. 

From Ravelry.com: "The Kids Spirit Cardigan has simple raglan shaping with three cute stripes on one sleeve. Make one for the little spirited kid in your life!"

Pattern: Spiced Ginger Shawl by Marie Greene
Yarn: Golden Shrimp Plant by Cat Tails Yarn

Special thanks to our friend, Cheryl, for bringing in this lovely shawl to show us! The pattern and her stitches are beautiful. The yarn she used in hand-dyed in Covington, LA and works so perfectly with this pattern!