Saturday, February 1, 2020

February Classes

Learn to Knit or Purl - $10 Saturday, February 8th (10:30am - 12pm) In this class you will learn basic beginner knitting skills and will begin work on a simple project. Please call to reserve your spot in the class.

Learn to Crochet Please call the shop for dates and times. Have you always wanted to learn to crochet, or are you a knitter who would like to use crochet stitches to add beautiful edgings and embellishments to your knitted pieces? This class is for you ~ join us to learn something new and fun!

Create Your Own Knitting or Crochet Class This class is for anyone from the beginner who wants to learn the basics to the advanced student who would like help tackling a specific project. If you would like to schedule a group or a one-on-one lesson please call the shop ~ we will be glad to schedule a lesson at your convenience.